Neue Hochstraße 25
13347 Berlin


Di-Sa 12 - 22 Uhr, Sa-So 13:30 - 22 Uhr


Sotto is a vegetarian and vegan restaurant run by an Italian-Finnish couple, Bettina Hajanti and Mattia Mancini. We offer real Italian-style pizza, and a seasonal menu put together by our amazing chef Elena D’Alto from Milan. She has worked in vegetarian restaurants around the world gathering experience and knowledge, which combined with her Italian background result in something quite fresh and unique. Everyone in our core team is vegetarian, and we strongly believe that Wedding - the haven of döner kebabs - needs a place where you can sit down, drink a nice glass of wine and eat both well and sustainably. Sustainability and ethical consumption strongly influence our menu decisions: We buy local, seasonal goods as much as we can to minimize transportation and offer whatever Mother Earth gives at the moment. However, the menu features not only potatoes and pumpkins but experimental dishes, like homemade green scialatielli with red cabbage pesto and toasted almond flakes, where nutrition and taste are in perfect balance.

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